09/11/2012 03:36 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2012

How to Grow Girl Entrepreneurs (Hint: It's Not What You Think)

We all know we need more women in tech. More women investors. More girls studying technical topics in college. More girls learning to code in high school, middle school, and earlier. Yadda yadda yadda.

(Heads nodding. Violent agreement.)

Now let's take this baby to another level.

For a few years now, I've been meeting, befriending, falling in love with women tech entrepreneurs and advocates -- day-in, day-out.

Know what they have in common?

They're funny. Yep. Damn funny.

Rachel Sklar, Jennie Baird, Cindy Gallop, Lauren Leto, Kass Lazerow, Ciaran Blumenfeld, Tracey Solomon. Oh, yeah, there's Stacey London. Oh, and Arianna. I could go on and on.

Talk to any of them, and you are wiping tears of laughter. Something bad/stupid/annoying happens, and they put an hysterically funny spin on it, laugh out loud, strap on a pair, and trudge forward.

Step outside of the situation, observe, and make it funny. It's a comedy skill, and wait -- hold the phone -- a core ENTREPRENEUR'S SKILL.

An lo and behold, many female entrepreneurs I meet, turns out have done some comedy. In some form or another, she's made Funny important.

Yet the professional comedy world -- funny enough -- has the same ratio challenges and attitudes as tech. "Women aren't funny!" "Girls can't code!" Really?

Well, they are, and they can.

Imagine how we'd amp up our global entrepreneurship pipeline if we paired them. Coding in the morning (like this!) and comedy in the afternoon (like this!). A veritable Reese's peanut butter cup of technical problem-solving, resilience and leadership.

Coding and Comedy.

Where do I sign up?