09/09/2011 03:11 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2012

Fabulous At Every Age: Black To Beauty

What does it take to be fab nowadays? A feathered mane, lux threads, a memorable look, and a banging resume.

The ladies of today may know how to up the ante but being a glamorous woman of color is nothing new. Totes to Josephine Baker and that scandalous banana skirt for putting black beauty and style on the map nearly a century ago.

From celebrity stylist June Ambrose to the beauty queen Diana Ross and beyond, fabulous at every age is like a walk through history ... an especially chic one at that. It is this spirit of vivacity that all of these women possess that put them at the top of our list, and no doubt, yours too!

There's something about a glamorous woman (and young girl in Willow Smith's case) that has not only so many singing their praises, but fashion's finest as well.

"She has an incredible sense of fashion." Miuccia Prada heralds of socialite Shala Monroque -- whose perverse approach towards fashion is just exactly why we're all paying attention.

Who is the most incredible in all the land? Check out the gallery and let us know what you think.

Fabulous at Any Age
Fabulous at Any Age