01/06/2014 04:56 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2014

New York Governor To Announce Plans To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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It's been reported that New York's Governor Cuomo has a strategy to use executive action rather than legislative to bring the legal use of marijuana for medical dedications to his republic.

Governor Cuomo is said to officially announce his plans to legalize the plant in his upcoming state of the state speech on Wednesday. His action plan involves allowing the substance to be dispensed via 20 designated hospitals throughout the state to qualifying patients.

The governor's decision to bring a little compassion to the Empire State comes as a pleasant surprise to pro-marijuana advocates in the state, due to the fact that his previous position regarding this particular subject matter was less than positive.

Administration officials from the governor's office told the New York Times that the medical marijuana policy in question will be designed to be much more restrictive than the current policies in states such as Colorado and California, and will be subjected to the standards of the New York Health Department.

Stay with The 420 Times for any further updates regarding Governor Cuomo's sudden change of position and the possible legalization of marijuana for medical dedications in New York.

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