10/14/2014 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2014

Counting Calories, Weighing Yourself and Other Habits That Waste Your Time

Getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work. Getting to a point where you feel comfortable, confident and happy with your body, your diet and your exercise habits doesn't happen overnight.

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That's because the definition of a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone. There's no one size fits all, cookie cutter package that works for everyone, which means that finding the right balance of healthy habits that work well for you and your personality will probably take some trial and error.

Counting Calories, Weighing Yourself and Other Habits That Waste Your Time

Of course, with the overwhelming amount of information about health and fitness available (some accurate, and some not-so-accurate) figuring out where to start might seem like the biggest challenge of all.

Well, picking out the habits and practices that you should probably avoid could be a good place to start. You probably already know that eating a nutritious diet with lots of whole foods like fruits and vegetables is an important part of getting fit and healthy, and it's no secret that exercising is an important part of the picture, too.

But too often these simple concepts are clouded with worries about a number on the scale or whether we went over our calorie limit for the day. When it comes to getting in shape, reducing stress is a component that's often overlooked, and that includes eliminating anxiety about food, your body and even whether or not you're working out enough.

So, skip the stress and get in shape for good by avoiding these common habits that are really just a waste of time.

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-Katie Rosenbrock, The Active Times

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