11/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

York, PA Twins: Two Views on the Race

By Mathew Katz and Laura Cameron

YORK, PA--Ed and Mike Taylor share the same face, but their views on the election couldn't differ more. The 38-year-old twins have lived in York City, Pennsylvania all their lives, and are both down on their luck, dressed this afternoon in similar torn, dirty sweatshirts. While sitting on the steps of a building on East Market Street and waiting for the Halloween Parade to start, the two shared their thoughts on the election with us.

Mike said the financial crisis has been hard on the middle class in York. More people are living on the streets because they are losing their homes."I lost my house because of economics; I lost my wife because of economics; I lost my daughter because of economics," he said as his eyes teared up and he turned and walked away. Mike makes $337 a week working his job as a metal worker. He has been making payments on his house for ten years but recently, he fell behind and the bank foreclosed on him. He isn't going to vote next week because he doesn't think either of the candidates will lower taxes.

Ed, on the other hand, is supporting "the Republican candidate" out of party loyalty more than anything else, despite the fact that the country needs to get out of Iraq immediately.

Listen in as Ed describes how he wants the election to affect York.