05/21/2012 08:53 am ET Updated Jul 21, 2012

Chefs Love Democrats? The Top 15 Chef Political Donations

It's a presidential election year, and the sexiest topic this cycle is campaign finance.  With the national conversation tuned to Super PACs, the staggering income disparities between major donors and the rest of America, and Wolfgang Puck's appearance at the $15 million Obama bash headlined by George Clooney, The Braiser wanted to know: how do celebrity chefs support political candidates?  With fancy dinners?  With non-connected joint expenditure committees?  With hundred dollar bills baked into pies and delivered to campaign headquarters?

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We dug through the Federal Election Commission's individual filings, as well as POLITICO"s old trash, to find the chefs who have donated the most to either party -- either through individual donations, or via fundraising and bundling efforts.  Here are the top 15 -- though it's worth noting that overall, the total amount donated by numbers 15 through 5 are obliterated by Nos. 4 through 1.  Hooray for campaign finance laws!

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