08/24/2011 03:07 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

11 Dog-Friendly Hotels That Pamper Your Pet

Instead of hopping off to explore new territory sans pooch, bring Fido with you. You and your pup will discover a whole new level of pet-friendly luxe on the road. Seattle's Willows Lodge, for example, offers Fido his own doggy room service menu and a copy of Citydog magazine to ease into things.Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo caters to dogs with specific dietary needs -- we're sure they'll do the same for owners.

What dog doesn't look good with the posh London neighborhood of Chelsea in the background? Let Fido luxuriate alongside you at The Milestone Hotel in London, where pets are treated to their special amenities and menu -- don't be jealous, the hotel has plenty of extravagance left for you. And while you're still in your robe at the>Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills deciding what to order for breakfast, your little one will be munching on a New York sirloin with scrambled eggs.

You may be traveling for any number of reasons (business, pleasure, family reunions), but little Fido is tagging along for one reason, and one reason only: a seemingly unending, uninterrupted pampering session.

-Nicole Campoy-Leffler, The Daily Meal

11 Dog-Friendly Hotels That Pamper Your Pet

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