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5 Candy Stores You Didn't Know Existed (But Certainly Should!)

Addicted to sugar? Love a good candy high or a deliciously sweet, unique treat?

There are candy stores around the world that sell a variety of sugary concoctions ranging from homemade chocolate to lollipops and everything in between. The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the most unique candy stores globally that are flying under the radar, many of which that are so sweet, they just might give you a toothache.

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Located in the heart of Times Square in New York City is the Willy Wonka Shop inside the Toys 'R Us store. Strikingly magical, the retail shop offers all 12 Wonka brands of candy and its Wonka Exceptionals collection -- including premium chocolate. Be sure to stroll through the replica of the edible garden featured in the movie to appreciate the full experience.

  • Big Top Candy Shop
    In the heart of Austin, Texas candy lovers will find a unique spot known as the Big Top Candy Shop that carries a variety of Circus-themed candies and treats. . Adults and children alike can choose from a vast selection of bulk candy and roughly 2,000 types of individually wrapped candy. It’s also known for its famous soda fountain. Click Here to see All of the Candy Stores You Didn’t Know Existed (But Certainly Should!)Photo Credit: Flickr / The Austinot
  • Columbia Candy Kitchen
    It’s all about preserving tradition at Columbia Candy Kitchen. The Danish candy store was opened in the late 1800s by a Danish confectioner who moved to Columbia, Ca. during the Gold rush. All of the candy is cooked in bright copper kettles and cooled on marble tables that are over 100 years old, according to the shop. Some of their homemade specialties include honeycomb, almond bark, fresh fruit jellies and peanut butter fudge. Photo Credit: Flickr / dotpolka
  • Nisshodo Mochiya
    If you are obsessed with Japanese mochi candy, Nisshodo in Honolulu, Hawaii is the place for you. It specializes in mochi and manju treats, as well as chi chi dango, which is a traditional Japanese dessert that can come wrapped in either pink or white sweet milk mocha. Another specialty item is the Kinako Dango, a tasty variation of Chi Chi Dango covered in roasted soy bean powder. Photo Credit: Flickr / _e.tClick Here to see All of the Candy Stores You Didn’t Know Existed (But Certainly Should!)
  • Economy Candy
    While Economy Candy might not have a particular type of specialty candy, the novelty of this store is in its size. The store, which is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is doing everything super-sized and in bulk. Sugar-crazed customers can find almost anything in this shop — which despite containing super-sized products, is ironically quite small — like gumballs to rock candy to artisanal chocolates and New York-themed candy gifts. Photo Credit: Flickr / Eric Konon
  • Sugarfina
    Online gourmet candy boutique Sugarfina has just launched its first store front in Beverly Hills, Ca. The brand is known for its cocktail themed candies including Champagne Gummy Bears, Cuba Libre (spiced rum and coke gummies) and Peach Bellini Gummies. It also is home to a private candy concierge for private clients and events as well as a build your own bento wall where customers can pick up either an 8 or 3-piece box to fill up with their candy assortments. Click Here to see More Candy Stores You Didn’t Know Existed (But Certainly Should!)Photo Credit: Sugarfina

For all things Hello Kitty, which is arguably Japan's favorite cartoon cat, the Hello Kitty Sweets shop in Taipei is the place to go. The shop offers everything from cookies to cakes to candies, all decked out in Hello Kitty signature icons. Beyond the candies for sale, there is also a sit down café where you can relax, sip on a cup of tea and take in the Hello Kitty atmosphere.

Finally, for those who have a deep appreciation for the jelly bean, the Jelly Bean Factory in Fairfield, California is a must-visit. It offers free factory tours to interested customers as well as a Jelly Bean University for a deeper dive. Guests can take a load off at the Jelly Bean Café which offers a full food menu and shop in the Jelly Bean Candy store and the chocolate shoppe to bring home a few goodie bags. Read on to learn about more candy stores you didn't know existed.

-Kristen Oliveri, The Daily Meal

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