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The Best Food Trucks for Drinks

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For the first time in American history the term "food truck" has positive connotations. All across the country cities are writing permits for trucks selling sushi, tacos, and locally sourced, organic fare. You name it, and your city probably has it. But just eight years ago, food trucks were synonymous with low-end, greasy hot dogs pulled from questionable-looking tanks by folks who decidedly probably did not attend culinary school.

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So what gives? Well, Roy Choi, for starters. His truck, Kogi, is credited with beginning the American food truck renaissance in 2008 when he put a gourmet spin on the traditional taco truck by offering tacos with meat more often found in upscale LA eateries than by the side of the road for double the price diners would normally pay at a taco cart. Soon, other chefs were latching onto the trend and following suit as, across the nation, diners began to realize that fine dining wasn't the only option for good food.

  • 1 Leblon Caipirinha Truck, Location Varies
    This bright yellow party truck pops up at festivals around the country serving up caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, made with sugar cane hard liquor. It’s a crowd favorite, and you can find out when the truck will be nearest you on the company’s website.
    Photo Credit: © Flickr / nycblondieandbrownie
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  • 2 Rockberry, Los Angeles
    Rockberry’s friendly food truck specializes in acai bowls, which layer smoothie-like fruit blends with fresh, local fruit and granola.
    Photo Credit: mbasic/Facebook Rockberrytruck
  • 3 Mocha Medic, Seattle
    The baristas in the Mocha Medic ambulance take “can’t survive without coffee” literally, serving everything from Hershey mochas to Italian Sodas in their emergency vehicle-turned-coffee stand.
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Mocha Medic
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  • 4 Moovers and Shakers, Nashville
    They bill themselves as a mobile soda parlor where customers can get old-fashioned root beer floats and shakes in a cool, new fashioned mobile food truck.
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Moovers and Shakers
  • 5 Nectar, Atlanta
    Recently chosen as one of the healthiest food trucks in America by The Huffington Post, Nectar is also one of the most delicious. They serve freshly made juice blends made from acai, coconut, flax, and gingko alongside fresh soups, salads, and paninis.
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    Photo Credit: Facebook/Nectar

The advent of social media also had something to do with the rise of the American food truck. Most Americans have some way of reaching out to their favorite local business online, be it the company website, Facebook, or Twitter. Food trucks are able to remain mobile, yet connected, keeping their customers updated about their whereabouts via their online presence. Before the late 'oughts, that simply wasn't the case.

Food truck tacos, burgers, gyros, and even sushi are pretty much the standard these days, so what's the next frontier in mobile dining? Drinks, of course! Most food trucks simply offer standard can of soda option, but some go above and beyond to make sure adventurous foodies are drinking their fill as well as eating it. We've compiled a list of the best food truck drink offerings from around the country whether you're just looking for a cup of Joe or dying to try an avocado popsicle, there's a food truck out there just for you.

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-- Emily Alford, The Daily Meal

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