03/15/2013 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Boxers-or-Briefs With Mayor Hancock, Governor Hickenlooper and More


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This week's podcast was recorded live at the Rocky Mountain West Urban Leadership Symposium, where Ron and Josh asked some of this city's most important people an array of silly and serious Denver-themed "this or that?" questions. It's "boxers or briefs?" for the Mile High City.

Among many other questions, you'll hear us dare Mayor Hancock to do the Harlem Shake with us. City council member Albus Brooks says we should never ask "Wellington Webb or Federico Peña?" (but we do anyway). Downtown Denver Partnership CEO Tami Door (we think?) admits to a hamburger addiction. FullContact and Denver Startup Week's Ben Deda powers through our questions with cyborg-like efficiency. Boulder Denver New Tech's Robert Reich reveals the sexy undertones of his geeky meetup groups. And Governor Hickenlooper tells us whether he prefers fracking fluid over Globeville water.