Denver Musician Esmé Patterson and Comedian Kevin O'Brien on New Skin for Old Ceremonies

Denver-based musical polymath Esmé Patterson and stand-up comedian Kevin O'Brien joins us this week on the Denver Diatribe podcast to peel back new skin for old ceremonies:


We talk about Colorado's Dish Network and their reboot plans for Blockbuster Video and Starbuck's new, experimental store design in Arvada. We dig deeper into the current and inevitable demise of two local dive bars -- Lancer Lounge and Rockbar -- attempt to define the term "dive," and theorize about its future. Do dive bars every really die? We also share our favorite dive bars and mention those that seem to have a staying power that transcends all trends.

Ron mentions the skin-stripping viral video of a skateboarder tackling a deer during the Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill race on Lookout Mountain in Golden. For those who haven't seen it already, here's the video.

Kevin O'Brien shares details about this weekend's Grapes of Rad comedy benefit for his main squeeze and fellow comic Mara Wiles, who needs help funding a new kidney. The benefit, which features Kevin, Andy Juett, The Grawlix, and T.J. Miller), springboards us into a discussion about art's connection to philanthropy and the benefits of doing benefits, both for artist and audience.

We spend the rest of the podcast chatting with Esmé, asking her why she never calls anymore. She dispels myths about a separation from Paper Bird, extolls the virtues of going solo without breaking up, and tells us how she's found peace by turning different facets of her personality into separate musical projects -- like her soon-to-release solo album, Paper Bird's collaboration with Ballet Nouveau Colorado, and the satirical lady gangster rap supergroup Harpoontang.

As usual, we finish up with loves and hates from around the city. Kevin digs on Ron's stoplight hate-turned-love, ensuring that we end on a big laugh.

MUSICAL BREAK: "Poonanny Soldiers" by Harpoontang. Sorry, it's not available for download or purchase yet!

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