03/06/2013 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Guns, Jerks and Spiel at Colorado Legislature

Guns, guns, guns are all the rage at the Colorado legislature with Democrats pushing a series of gun restrictions that may actually become law.

Jared and Josh are joined by Colorado Statesman reporter Peter Marcus to help us (and you!) understand exactly what these gun bills would do and all the behind-the-scene political wrangling between pro and anti-gun forces at the capitol.

For example, what the heck does concealed carry actually mean in Colorado? Why is the national right-wing punditocracy blowing the rape whistle on a little-known Thornton Dem?


In the full podcast, we also discuss: Why DIA is under attack -- by bunnies? Shotgun Willie's is to be demolished, but will rise again like a skanky phoenix. And, Governor John Hickenlooper drinks the Halliburton Kool-aid (a.k.a. actual fracking fluid)...Now where's our frack water microbrew?!


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