05/29/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2013

Gimme A Pisco Sour And Don't Be Stingy, Baby, Central Library's Culinary Collection Gets A Latin Infusion

By Stella Mittelbach, Librarian in the Science, Technology & Patents Department

In 2012, the Culinary Historians of Southern California purchased over $19,000 worth of books on food and drink for Los Angeles Public Library. The majority of the books acquired were hard-to-find cookbooks published in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia.

The Culinary Historians of Southern California are a group of scholars, chefs, and gourmets who put on amazing lectures in the library each month. The organization also recently purchased a large number of Scandinavian and historical California cookbooks. Scores of these donated books are extremely rare and to be found at no other library in North America.

The following are some of the added titles covering unusual topics.

Gimme a Pisco Sour and Don't Be Stingy, Baby