07/28/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: After A Caged Life, Beagle Finally Finds Freedom

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Freedom was something two Beagles named Abe and Davey had never known. They had lived their whole lives in a cage. Born to a breeder and sold to a laboratory when they were just puppies, they were used for toxicity testing where tubes were shoved down their throats against their will. Abe and Davey's chance of surviving this brutal treatment was bleak.

One person would hold the dog, while the other would thrust a tube into the Beagle's stomach that contained pills and other toxic chemicals. There was no place to hide and no one to hear their cries. There was only endless days of solitary confinement. The only human interaction was with the ones testing on them. When a Beagle was finally brought out of their cage he was only to be tested on, or worse, killed.


Abe and Davey are just two of the 70,000 dogs being used for animal testing in the United States alone. Beagles are often the breed of choice for lab testing because they are considered to have gentle, loving personalities. Davey was tested on every day for seven years. Abe spent three years in complete isolation without human hands even touching him. In February 2013, they were no longer deemed "useful" and were slated for euthanasia.

Beagle Freedom Project
, a service of Animal Rescue Media and Education (ARME), a nonprofit advocacy group based in Los Angeles and founded by Shannon Keith, saved ten dogs that day from certain death, including Abe and Davey. That was the first day the Beagles felt freedom... and love.


Beagle Freedom Project placed Abe and Davey into the same foster home. Davey loved receiving affection after being deprived for so long. The years of neglect and solitude took its toll on Abe. He suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder and was fearful of people.

However, since being fostered together, Abe and Davey have become inseparable, guiding one another to recovery. They sleep together, eat together and play together. Davey loves humans and has aided Abe in learning to trust people. Abe has let his foster parents touch and pet him, and felt human compassion like he's never experienced before. He even kisses them back.

Since the filming of this story, Abe and Davey have found a loving home. Their happy ending video and story will be coming soon.


To follow the progress of these dogs and more follow The Beagle Freedom Project on Facebook and if you feel moved to help, you can make donations via their website.

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