09/07/2013 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dog Thrown From Moving Car, Breaks Back -- But Not Spirit

Frogger got his name because of how he was found. Frogger, a sweet dog, was driving with his owner, when suddenly he was thrown from a moving car. There was no rhyme or reason to why these people chose to discard their dog in the cruelest way. He was left on the side of a busy freeway left to die. Frogger, just barely missing traffic, curled into a ball -- scared, alone, and severely injured.

Frogger did have some luck that frightful day. A member of Doggie Protective Services, an animal rescue, spotted him and rescued him before he could become roadkill. Frogger went straight to the vet, but the prognosis was not good. Frogger had a broken back and could not walk.


He was given as much immediate treatment as they could offer. He was given IV fluids under the skin because he couldn't eat or drink. Frogger was still kind and patient through all of his treatment. Still, Doggy Protective Services had limited options. The veterinarian suggested two options: surgery or euthanasia.

Tera, the director of Doggy Protective Services did not have any hope and did not know if he could be saved. Doggy Protective Services had to ask all the tough questions and wait to see if Frogger could live a happy and healthy life if he went through surgery. Frogger had a 90 percent chance of being able to walk, pain-free.


While the vet gave a positive outlook for Frogger's future with surgery, the expense would be tremendous. The surgery would cost $12,000. Everyone who had met Frogger knew how loving and sweet he was, and they believed that his life was worth saving. The vet said he would do whatever it takes to help Frogger and save his life. The vet reduced the regular fee for this surgery to help with cost.

Now it was just a matter of raising the necessary money. Frogger was not giving up and neither were the good people at Doggy Protective Services. With the help of the internet, fundraising reached all across the United States with people sending in donations for Frogger's surgery as well as photos of their own pets, wishing Frogger well.


Frogger's fans and Doggy Protective Services raised the money for Frogger's surgery and as predicted, the surgery was a complete success. Now, Frogger is on his road to recovery. He is fostered by Emily, a Doggy Protective Services volunteer who is working with Frogger on his rehabilitation. He undergoes daily physical therapy and is re-learning how to walk. Frogger is also feeling love for the first time in his life. That love has healed him more than any surgery could ever do. He loves and has joy in his life. Now, Frogger is just waiting for the perfect family in a new forever home. One person threw Frogger away, but hundreds picked him back up. Frogger's story is nothing short of a miracle.


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