08/18/2013 05:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Beautiful Cat Cheated Death, Against All The Odds

Just a short while ago, Demetri didn't have a reason to live. He is a beautiful gray cat with white fur on his chest and emerald green eyes that could warm anyone's heart. But Demetri wasn't loved, and didn't have a proper home. He did not have any hearts to warm. Demetri lived in a garage with eleven other cats, completely neglected.

No one was around to care for Demitri. There was hardly any food, and when food was placed out, he had to compete with nearly a dozen other cats for it. He was slowly being starved to death. At just 8 lbs, Demetri was little more than skin and bones. Not only was he malnourished, but the cat had severe medical issues that needed immediate attention.

Demetri has anemia, which is a lack of healthy red blood cells. When cats have reduced blood cells, they lack appetite, lose weight and if left untreated, they may die. Demetri was on the verge of death, and if Cat Connection hadn't stepped in, he would not have survived.


Cat Connection rescued him and found Demetri the medical attention he needed. He needed fluids and has to get a shot every other week for his anemia. Once Cat Connection also got him eating properly, he gained weight and responded well to his medication and treatment. Demetri has made a complete comeback.

Now, Demetri is alive and well. He gets along with other cats, enjoys being petted and loves attention. He is the ideal and perfect pet. Demetri's light shines through, and now he's looking for the perfect forever home. Demetri is currently living at Cat Connection . With every passing day, he looks out the window with his green eyes, waiting for a human to come in to adopt him and take him home.


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UPDATE 9/4: Cat Connection is working to raise $2,000 to cover the medical costs for Demetri, and another rescued cat Pazer. Help Demetri and Pazer get the care and support they deserve. Here is where you can donate: A Cause for Paws: Pazer and Demetri.

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