03/05/2008 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Clinton Death March

To watch Hillary Clinton's "victory" speech last night in which she extravagantly celebrated coming from 20 points ahead one month ago in Ohio was to see personified everything the Clintons are.

It's not that the speech was full of their typical pettiness -- "No candidate in recent history Democratic or Republican has won the White House without winning the Ohio primary" -- or the pathetic warping of Obama's Yes We Can into Yes We Will. It was more a general feeling of numbness. Of being in a parallel universe where the only relevance is a news cycle.

There is nothing to celebrate in the way Clinton won last night. A ringing phone at 3AM, accusations of being a Muslim, and mocking the power of words to achieve what? Democrats are supposed to rally round because this is what's needed to defeat the myriad evils that comprise Bushism? Nope...this is what's needed by the Clintons to stay quasi-mathematically alive to distort reality another day.

OK maybe we're fools (for some of you there's no maybe), but where has Obama ever attacked Clinton with even one tenth the unfairness she employs daily? What unfounded media attacks has she suffered? Hasn't anyone seen Dan Abrams doing the same show night after god awful night charging media bias against Hillary because they have the temerity to report when she loses? Or Tom Brokaw droning hosannas to Clinton's warrior mentality?

Yet now, if Obama finally stands up and fights back measure for measure...oh the hue and cry that shall rain down upon the land as Ann Lewis scurries from camera to camera to file a PFA (Protection From Analysis).

The bottom line is, just like the Bush administration, facts do not matter to the Clintons. Neither do words nor basic decency. The Clinton machine will spout scum 24/7 all the way to Denver and she still won't win the nomination democratically, let alone defeat McCain. Yet perhaps by the convention, the ultimate irony for the Taylor Marsh Vagina Uber Alles-types who populate this site will be clear even to them...Hillary Clinton is a dick.