06/16/2015 09:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The First Transgender Model Makeup Campaign Ever Will Blow You Away

2015-06-17-1434504402-7388219-06andrejapejicmuf.w529.h352.jpg(Photo: Courtesy of Make Up For Ever)

By Kathleen Hou

Make Up For Ever has released images of its newest campaign stars: model Andreja Pejić and actress and blogger Jamie Chung. Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Iglesias will also be the brand's pro consulting artist. At a press event announcing the news, Pejić told the assembled beauty editors, "When I was little, I would dream about what it would be like to grow up and be a woman. I didn't care if I was scrubbing toilets -- if I was doing it as a woman, I'd be happy. I'm thankful to Make Up For Ever for taking this bold step." According to WWD, Pejić is the first transgender model to front a big makeup campaign, symbolically opening the door for Caitlyn Jenner and others, too. The brand's new GIF showing the campaign images is below.

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