11/25/2014 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Famous People Reveal How Having a Dog Makes Their Life Better


Celebrities, socialites and prominent public figures were all dressed to the nines on Friday for the Humane Society's annual New York gala event "To The Rescue! New York" at the famed Cipriani in Midtown Manhattan.

Marking the 60th anniversary of the animal advocate organization, the occasion was a time to spread awareness, raise money and honor a few that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help animals.

Darren Aronofsky, the award-winning director behind Black Swan, The Wrestler and The Fountain, was honored for his use of CGI, not real animals, in his movie Noah. For Aronofsky, this move was a no-brainer as he stated in the past the conditions of animals on set are quite alarming and technology now allows for a more humane alternative.


Also receiving accolades for their animal work were Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who is responsible for thrusting the stray dog epidemic at the Sochi Olympics into the spotlight along with former portfolio manager Brad Goldberg for his continuous work in animal welfare causes.

The bash also allowed attendees to rub shoulders with the real stars of the event: the animals. Strutting what their momma gave them, a few very brave dogs made their way down the red carpet and showed how a little TLC and a lot of love can do wonders for animals that may not have had the best start in life.


With so many animal lovers in one place, we, at This Dog's Life, asked how having a dog in their life made it better.

Theo Rossi: Actor currently starring in Sons of Anarchy as Juan Carlos "Juice"


"It is proven fact with science that people who have dogs live longer. That is not a lie. I have never lived a day in my life without a dog and had a ton of animals growing up.

It teaches you right away that you can't be selfish because everything revolves around them. We will be out and could be having the greatest time in the world but we have to get back to our dogs."

Amanda Hearst: Founder of Friends of Finn, philanthropist and heiress to the Hearst Corporation


"In every way really. I started a charity after him, and it just has been amazing."

Georgina Bloomberg: Equestrian and daughter of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg


"We have always had dogs so I've never known a time in my life where haven't had a dog. And it is so nice to have something there that is always happy to see you, can always give you love and is unconditionally loyal. I have always enjoyed having something to take care of, and it prepared me for motherhood."

Katie Sturino: Founder of Tinder PR, married to "The Fat Jew" and Toast Meets World's mom


"She is literally the most loving animal on the planet. All she does is want to lay with you. Plus, she helps spread the word about puppy mills and that has been really amazing, because we hear from people all the time, 'I adopted a dog because I heard about Toast. Or I didn't know you could adopt a full-breed dog until I heard about Toast.'"

Gus Kenworthy: Athlete and Olympian


"The companionship. It is so nice when you are home. When I am home with my dogs, I don't want to go out; I just want to hang out with them."

Paul Shaffer: David Letterman's music director


"They are just so comforting; it is just as simple as that. They make you feel better."

Dina Manzo: Reality star and entrepreneur


"My Gracie doesn't have any arms; she is a product of inbreeding. Every morning to start my day with her...she's got this huge grin on her face and is the happiest dog. She doesn't know any difference. She is so inspiring. She proves to me that anything is possible and to just have a good attitude. She is amazing."

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