05/12/2015 04:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Create a Breathtaking Living Wall This Season

If you think there isn't room in your life for a garden, think again! Where there's a wall, there's a way! The editors over at our little-sister site, The Snug, have gathered the best indoor and outdoor living wall ideas on the Web. Here are a few favorites.

Shipping Pallet Planters
An installation of upcycled shipping pallets creates a series of plantable nooks and crannies and makes for a show-stopping display of succulents and other easy-care growers. (VIA

DIY Hanging Garden
This is a fairly simple DIY that's great for cutting your (woodworking) teeth. Removable pots are a fun bonus and make for easy watering and clean up. (VIA Homemade Modern)

Easy-Install Planters
Getting a garden wall going doesn't necessarily have to be a salvage project or a build-from-scratch. These hangable planters make it super easy to get the look.
Woolly Pocket wall planters

Fabric planter pockets (Photo VIA Temple & Webster; Similar planters to shown VIA Amazon)


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