12/01/2014 07:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lights Go on Part XXXVI -- Change

It isn't always welcome.

Sometimes I wish it would skip my house 

and put someone else through it's upheaval.

But then, I realize that we all deal with change 

on a consistent basis.

As Carole King wrote

"Doesn't anyone stay in one place anymore?"


For me, change sometimes creates dissatisfaction.

For instance, as I have been building my program 
preparing to launch my book of the same name

I have had the benefit of the best team I can imagine.


Natalia Morozova 

who has been my right hand since February, 

is returning to Russia. 

I am happy for her and yet 

her leaving pulls at my heart.

Katie Lawson, my good friend and creative assistant, 

is making waves in the field of her passion



I experience those same feelings,

Happy and pulled.

So, here it is:


Due to Change.

I learned at a young age that this feeling, 

while not always pleasant, 

is really a springboard.

I remember Dad saying, 

"Son, when you are dissatisfied,
it means that you've already begun your new journey.

You have finished your previous chapter 

and are on to the next."

"Yeah, Dad, but I don't know what that is."

"Great Son, enjoy the journey, 

it will unveil itself to you as you travel.

"You have a choice, 

you can move forward in fear and loneliness
or venture on enjoying the sights and sounds 

of this new journey,
with certainty that you are not alone 

and what lies before you
will bring you pleasures 

undiscovered in your last chapter."

"But what if I don't like this new chapter 

as much as my last one?"

"Well, it's been my experience 

that it is my choice whether or not that happens to me.
I can't get to second base with my foot on first."

And these shared gems of thought, 

among countless others,
are what have guided me along this journey called life,
and I realize that change is inevitable. 

It is my choice to see it with the eyes of an explorer
or through the eyes of regret,
looking back at what is 

no longer.

Is it pleasant?
Not always, 

in fact often it is not at all pleasant.

Yet, I am on this new journey. 

I have a new goal.

And my goals change too. 

Usually as soon as I accomplish the one before me.

So I keep these all so sage words of my father in my hip pocket.

This quote may be my favorite 

(I think you've heard me say this before)

"Everything between you and your goal is temporary."

I accept and embrace this.

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