09/13/2013 05:56 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Lights Go On -- Part X -- You Sir...

Recently I came across this quote by Shirley Maclaine: "The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves."

In this writer's opinion, this quote is a prime example of one of Shirley's most endearing qualities: Her courage and bare-ass-naked honesty.

Sans conscious intention, I began to reflect upon what this quote held for me.

This journey took its good time too, becoming a welcome companion to my thoughts and feelings. While in this zone, I composed two new pieces.

A little later, having returned to my daily routine of consciousness, I discovered that each of these poems was an homage to this deep relationship within myself.

"Your Essence," which appeared on Sept. 7 in part IX of this series here on HuffPost, is an homage to my inner feminine.

Oh, and how I love her.

What unrestrained joy she brings.

Today's offering is an homage to her counterpart.

My inner masculine --

you, sir,
are a man I admire...
in no small way
your unique and
accessible power
is attributable to your
pure and courageous

your love for humanity
the very foundation
of your creative
and intellectual

you live, love and write
as you sing...
with reckless abandon...
made possible by
superb training
deeply embedded

you love with
unbridled passion
and loyalty
you are complete
and ready for

she is eager...
this will happen
as soon as...
well, the muse...

I know these things...

you see,
I have been catalyst
for so many couples...

now I am here for you,
my man...

all the others were merely
a focus of my rigorous
training program so I could say
with confidence
"I have saved the best for you"

and just so you know,
as soon as she and you do the
'one' thing...

I'm going back to my first love...

Driving my Formula One car