12/14/2010 10:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Defaced: A Film About Graffiti


"A photo blog all about ruining other people's stuff cuz it's funny"

As the birthplace of hip-hop culture, it's unsurprising that New York has such varied street art reflecting the vibrant backgrounds of its various creators, all of whom are unified by their mustaches, and faces covered in dongs. For a website devoted to the Big Apple's urban scrawl: Defaced.

Started by a filmmaker originally inspired by the comedy littered across subway ads throughout the city, Defaced catalogs the "interesting, profane, vulgar, or just plain silly" things people create with "a marker and a bit of bravery", but not The Bravery, as the cops won't buy it was "An Honest Mistake" when you're actually caught red handed. Categories of defacement include:

Ads: The most fleshed-out group, offerings range from a sad looking woman on a MoMA film poster declaring "MTA sucks", to an Ed Hardy model exclaiming "Eric I broke my d*ck", to a Johnny Depp poster advocating "Pubic Enemas", which frankly would make anyone a Public Enemy.

Money: Mainly Lincoln in various incarnations (zombie Abe demanding "BRAINS", the sign-throwing prez of the United States of Shocker), plus a few outliers, including four different bills with cross-dressing prez's titled "Golden Girls", so...Chester Bea Arthur?

Signs and Public Space: A listing of major global cities where Budapest's renamed itself "Bootyfest"; a billboard warning "Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a mustache"; and a from-scratch sign on a fence declaring "Your a pineapple Ed and u know it", though it seems like the person who made it is actually the prickly one.
As promised, there's a healthy amount of sexual humor, from a JMZ stop dubbed "Wetsex" street, to a scribbling simply stating "do not close this window on ur balls", which has got to be tough when your face is covered in them.