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How To Meet Women While You're Traveling

By: Stephanie Be

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Traveling while you're single has plenty of perks, principal among them meeting -- or even hooking up with -- other people. Visiting a new place presents the opportunity for fun, self-discovery, and adventure. Who better to see the town with, learning about your own culture and that of another, than someone you're attracted to?

Before you hop onto your mobile-dating shopping cart (Tinder), you have IRL options -- just freakin' talk to her.

Here's advice from an actual girl who travels on how to talk to girls while you're traveling.

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Where to meet women

Anywhere. Seriously, unless you're at a funeral a la Wedding Crashers, or in a men's bathroom, you can meet women. Try the hotel restaurant during breakfast, the local park, your hostel's common room, or on public transportation. I once met three Aussie guys while on a flight to Ibiza. I spent the entire weekend with them, gallivanted with them throughout Spain, and again outside of Sydney. Again, it was simple. We were all going to Ibiza. Everyone is looking for a good time in Ibiza.

Women are everywhere. Well, except at Mets games. Nobody goes to Mets games.

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Play the traveler card

Congratulations, you're a traveler and that makes you interesting, adventurous, and that much more attractive -- at least while you're traveling. Personally, I couldn't date a guy uninterested in travel, so I can vouch to say that for other female travelers, you're already doing better than most guys. Women who are traveling often seek a good time, too, and you can be a part of it.

If you're after a local, give her a short vacation in her hometown. Women are after attractive men, too, and there's nothing like feeling the traveler's spirit right at home. Embrace it! Your accent is sexy. Unless you're from Cleveland. No one thinks the Cleveland accent is sexy.

And furthermore, we aren't talking about your college crush; you have nothing to lose, since you're leaving this city anyway! Man up and just do it.

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Do it in daylight

Not it, you exhibitionist. Starting a conversation. It's basically 100 percent less sleazy if you meet a girl when the sun is shining. Think about it. Who's more wholesome: the guy at Starbucks, or the guy at the club?

The later in the day/night, the bigger the "Hit On Me" tattoo across a woman's forehead seems to grow. If you have the confidence (and decency) to start a conversation with a gal while you are sober and functioning, AND you're putting forth an effort to hang out with her more than just that night, you're five steps ahead of fellow travelers and locals.

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