01/20/2011 10:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Steven Alan X Nike Sportswear: Classic Kicks Get A Stylish Makeover


Pooling resources can have great results, unless the pool's in Cancun, and your resource is some chick from Senor Frog's, in which case the results will just be Type 2 positive. Pooling their resources to bring you ill kicks: Steven Alan x Nike Sportswear.

Seamlessly blending fashion with technical sport design elements, the SAxNS collab offers fresh takes on kicks from Nike's back catalog, likely due to Mr. Alan's being offered "tremendous access" to their resources, fabrics, and materials (without which he might have said "Just Screw It"). The line includes:

The Air Zoom Magma: Constructed from 100% suede, the Magma's a slip on/off hiking boot with hiking eyelets lacing up to the top of the ankle for support, plus an easy-access zipper, though don't do it up too tight, lest you end up walking with a gimp.

The Air Zoom Toki: A medium top, chukka-esque number with four hiking eyelets, exposed stitching, and a solid suede body (Brown, Olive, or Black) save the sides of the heels, which rock an elastic inseam. Steven Alan x Nike Sportswear: 1, Sweatpants Manufacturers: 0.

The Air Zoom Lava Dome: The most prominently logo'd of the bunch, these '70s-era kicks overhaul their predecessor's body with completely different materials, from nylon accents to distressed leather, though you'd be pretty worked up too, if you were about to be turned into a shoe.

Rounding it're four colorways of the low-top, everyday-steezed, monochromatic Talache, made from 100% ballistic nylon canvas, also what you'll have to do to your address book several months later in order to spread your message of positivity.