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The 20 Types of Yelp Reviewers

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Yelp is a useful resource for anyone who wants to read a review of a bar or restaurant. More specifically, a 500-word polemic on the horrible service at that Arby's that shut down three years ago.

Whether they are an Elite Yelper or someone who prefaces their reviews with "I usually never write reviews but...", these 20 types of reviewers are ones you'll definitely recognize. And please review this story in the comments to let us know what we missed:


The dude who can't find anything he wants to eat or drink
It's like negatively reviewing McDonald's because they don't serve Frosties. Maybe he should just go to Wendy's.

The anti-gentrification warrior
Somehow they've made an entire restaurant's review about how hipsters are invading "their" neighborhood, despite having only moved there after college, which was about three years ago. Their neighbors, who have been living in the neighborhood for 30 years, hate them.

The happy hour reviewer who shockingly only wrote about the half-priced tacos
She went with a group of co-workers from her start-up. She doesn't make much money because it's a free app and there's no revenue stream, so she's basically working on the hope that Google will buy them eventually. But hey, at least on Fridays she gets to leave work early and go drinking. SPOILER ALERT: the tacos were fine.

The first week hardass
Restaurants are like people, they don't come into the world fully formed. It takes at least a month or two for the food and service to click. But whatever, give that restaurant one star because the food took longer than you expected! They deserve it!

The New Yorkers who wrote these horrible reviews of amazing bars and restaurants
New Yorkers know everything, and they'll be the first to tell you that over and over and over and over again.

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The hired gun
She replied to a Craigslist ad to write positive reviews of real restaurants she's never been to. It's better than the other time she found a job on Craigslist, where some creepy dude paid her $50 to watch her eat a bowl of soup.

The last person on Earth who does not have spell-check or auto-correct
Thee food waz thet horible, huh?

The asshole who received bad service
They don't realize that when you treat the waitstaff like sh*t, they might treat you like garbage in return. Next time, their review should include the part where they snapped to get a server's attention.

The person who starts every review with "I really want to like this place but..."
He was 10 and got Hot Wheels for his birthday, but he really wanted Nickelodeon GAK. Still, his parents were nice enough to buy him something, and he didn't want to hurt their feelings, so he fitfully played with the Hot Wheels for a second until it sunk in that he was never going to get what he wanted. He was a dick to his parents for weeks after that.

The person who prefaces every review with "I usually never write reviews but..."
Yes they f**king do.


There's still plenty of other Yelp types, including The Woman Who Overuses the Word "Hubby", The Yelp Elite, The no-show, and a ton of others -- only on!

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