03/12/2013 06:00 pm ET Updated May 12, 2013

How to Live Your Retirement NOW!

A looooong time ago I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. It opened my eyes to how my life can be lived differently and how I could live on the "awesome-side-of-life."

Tim talks about not waiting until you're old to retire, instead taking mini-retirements throughout the year.

Waaaaay back in December 2012, I decided that I didn't want to wait to live my retirement now. I wanted to begin taking mini-retirements in 2013 and use it as an opportunity to travel more.

In my opinion there are 3 steps to making something that you want happen:

Step 1: Decide exactly what you want (be specific).
Step 2: Create space: mental, physical and spiritual space. You can't invite new things into a place where there is no room.
Step 3: Take one small step (right NOW) in the direction of the thing you want. Then take another step, then another and another until you have what you desire.

I finally followed my own advice and began by choosing to travel. (STEP 1: decide.)

I then took out my newly purchased 2013 agenda and put an X on every third month of the year. Yup! You heard me right. EVERY third month. 2012 was a hectic year and I had no time for myself. I was determined that at least one-quarter of 2013 was going to be dedicated to ME.

I'm fortunate that I work for myself (The Budgetnista is my full time gig). So when I asked my "boss" if I could take the time off, she said yes. How awesome is she?!

Being an entrepreneur gives me a ton of flexibility. Most of my income comes from speaking and teaching. I have a number of contracts with organizations to write, create and teach financial workshops and seminars.

I told my contracts about my two months on, one month off cycle for 2013, and they all agreed to work around my schedule. YAY! (STEP 2: create space.)

After getting my contracts on board, I decided on where I wanted to spend my first month off. I choose California and Illinois.

Stop 1: San Diego (4 days)

Stop 2: San Francisco (10 days)

Stop 3: Chicago (10 days)

Lastly, I began pricing my plane tickets using the best tool ever! Drum roll please....

Google Flights

I also used my budget to help me determine how much money I needed to make in January and February to take March off. (STEP 3: take steps.)

It's now March and my month-long epic adventure is in full swing! I'll be sharing my escapades and their cost with you here, via my blog. Hope you'll tag along for the FRUGAL, fun.


Tiff "The Budgetnista"
(sharer of all things, frugal, fun and fabulous)

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