02/08/2012 07:17 am ET Updated Apr 09, 2012

Are Airlines Bringing Sexy Back?

Travel writer Rolf Potts declared the death of the Mile High Club back in 2007, pointing out the decades-long decline in airline allure and comparing the lavatory tryst to sex in a Walmart bathroom.

Personally, I think that's being generous. It's safe to assume Walmart bathrooms are cleaned much more frequently than the lavs where flight attendants hang bags of coffee to cover the ever-present stench.

But even with cut-backs, extra fees and cramped quarters, many believe love is still in the air.

"Meet and Seat"
Dutch airline KLM has launched an internet matchmaking service that will help you to choose who you sit by. Their "Meet and Seat" program taps into Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing you to search for passengers with similar interests or, perhaps even better, alluring photos. Of course, it is wise to beware of seatmates seeking more than good conversation, or even an inflight hookup -- imagine Hollywood producers getting scripts dropped into their laps or doctors being shown festering wounds.

Although Air New Zealand swears they don't condone inflight lovemaking, they're certainly making it more enticing with the addition of the economy Skycouch. Two people can book a three-seat row at a discount, then prop up an innovative footrest panel to transform their row into a bed. Affluent travelers can find even more cozy double-bed suites in the first class cabins of Singapore Airlines' A380 aircraft.

We Met on a Plane
If you happen to meet someone onboard and are too shy to make a move (or perhaps you were put off by those nasty airplane bathrooms), has your back. The site, recently launched by an Australian entrepreneur who met his girlfriend on a plane, promises to help find those missed connections Users who upload their flight details and love story will be notified every time their post gets a comment. With any luck, it will be from that special someone.

Always outlandish Ryanair suggests they will soon help you get your mid-air freak on even if you don't bring, or meet, a traveling companion. The bargain basement European carrier claims there is a lucrative market to be tapped with pay-per-view erotic movies shown via seat-back entertainment systems. As for the passengers seated around any solo viewers, maybe they'll be able to purchase sleep masks to help block out the naughty images.

The Return of Sexy Stews
Sexy flight attendant calendars aren't new - workers at Mexicana and Spanish airline Air Comet sold racy calendars in recent years, hoping to earn a few bucks and some publicity after their airlines folded. And Ryanair (it would be Ryanair) commissioned calendars of its "cabin girls" in bikinis, with proceeds donated to charity. Aeroflot, however, has gone even further with this stewardess as sex object trend. The Russian airline created a calendar of entirely nude flight attendants to give to their VIP frequent fliers, perhaps suggesting that in Russia, customer loyalty can bring new meaning to inflight "service."