06/17/2014 02:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Play Is in Our DNA

Just as every cell in your body contains the DNA of a whole new you and complete new life, every strand of DNA in every cell of every other living thing contains in it a fresh start and a new beginning. That new life, knowing nothing of the past, has an innate ability to right the wrongs of culture, history and personality that have created the resource and cycle imbalances on our one planet, our one home, our one world.  

However, this ability, a kind of cosmic "spa cleanse", is only accessible through, can only be triggered by, the big bang-like power of the power of play.

It is the power of play that allows for the activation and optimization of the profound, intrinsic and immutable creativity and adaptability of all life to seamlessly ensure that all other life is possible and to always improve conditions and circumstances for all other living things in every successive generation.

Credit: Luc Schwab

To me this is neither altruism or selfishness, nor any of the other "-ishes or -isms" we so blithely make up. 

In fact, it seems that when we project and assign our human qualities and traits onto things so mysterious, vast and indescribable, I suspect we inadvertently prevent ourselves from experiencing and embodying the natural primal gratitude, respect and cooperation that is effortlessly eternal and infinitely reciprocal within all of what we call creation. 

I submit that this is simply life, or LIFE, and how, as always, it can and will do anything and everything, through it's inter, inner and intra connectivity to all other life, to manifest itself, not just in the form of wavelengths of gravity or particles of light, but truly in every circumstance, dimension and scale.