04/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Hideout Endorses Tom Geoghegan For Congress

The Hideout has been a bar since 1934. It's located in a Manufacturing District on the Chicago's North Side. It has always been a place for steelworkers, construction workers and other working people. In the last few years, as our factories have closed and "down-sized," the Hideout has become a new home for hardworking musicians, artists and writers. Through all these years though the conversations at the Hideout have remained incredibly true to our history, a history that celebrates the hard-working spirit of Chicago.

For 30 years, Tom Geoghegan has fought on behalf of these very steelworkers, nurses, taxi drivers and immigrants, union workers and those trying to unionize. He has fought for lost wages due to plant closings and for health care for the uninsured. As a regular who became an owner of the Hideout, I wholeheartedly support Tom Geoghegan for Congress and ask that you do the same.

Chicago is known for our fiery orators and visionary architects. Architects of towering skyscrapers like Burnham, Sullivan, and Mies Van Der Rohe and architects of organizing like Saul Alinsky. Tom Geoghegan represents all that is great about Chicago. He isn't afraid to stand up against towering corporations on behalf of the workers who built the towers. Like Mies van der Rohe, he believes that "less is more", that the "little guy" is the real majority in America, and the reason why our government exists. Like Daniel Burnham, Tom makes no little plans. From the apartments of Lakeview to the bungalows of the Northwest Side, his message is simple and clear, yet profound:

1. Universal health care so everyone can live a healthy life.

2. Increase social security so seniors can live their lives with dignity and without fear.

3. End the bank bailout that is doing nothing but throwing good money after bad.

Tom is one of us: a "regular" guy who is tired of the way the "bosses" have screwed everything up, but like die-hard Chicago sports fans, Tom is also an optimist who sees this moment as an opportunity to make Chicago, and America, stronger and its people more economically secure.

A politician Tom is not, but he has dealt with politicians for over 30 years. He's no comedian either, but like real Chicagoans he's incredibly funny. And when it comes to the issues facing our community, I'm never in doubt about who's side he's on. Tom is one of us!

Last year, we at the Hideout engaged in the most important campaign in our lives, sending carloads of volunteers to Wisconsin and Indiana to help elect President Obama. Each night when we returned back to the Hideout, we would laugh and cry as we told our stories. One of our friends was even attacked in Wisconsin as she was walking away from a house. But every day we grew stronger, and had less doubt that individual people can make a difference in America.

On Tuesday, we have an opportunity to send another tall, skinny, Harvard-educated lawyer with a funny name to Washington. A new president from Chicago's South Side was just the beginning; we need to continue fighting to make government accountable to the working people of the country. We need to send a new congressman to Washington from Chicago's North Side. Let's make Chicago the model city it can be for the country. Lets get out and elect Tom Geoghegan to Congress!