03/28/2016 03:43 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2017

Donald Trump Inciting Violence

Why is Donald Trump inciting violence across the United States? There is no reason for this Republican Frontrunner to be concerned about securing the nomination because he is winning the majority of delegates. The Republican Party would be going against the grain by not giving the nomination to Donald Trump.

The violence that has taken place at some of Donald Trump's rallies is unacceptable. There appears to be some hostility coming from the Trump Camp that incites violent behavior and divisive tactics. It's a waste of time to divide people in terms of race because the United States was built on the principles of one nation under God. The Trump Rally in Chicago was canceled due to violence and the threat of more violence. People are becoming increasingly frustrated with politics. There's no excuse for a Presidential Candidate to play on the frustration of the people by making statements about the possibility of riots if he does not receive the Republican Nomination.

Donald Trump is doing a great job of dividing the people based on his campaign rhetoric. He would leverage himself better without criticizing everything that President Obama has done while in office. It's obvious that the voters are looking for a new candidate that can lead the country to a higher level. With all of the crazy things happening across the world (such as terrorist attacks, high incidents of police brutality, Flint Water Crisis, dealing with Homeland Security, and many more issues), most candidates should focus on the key platform issues. Inciting violence is wrong for any person running for political office. This particular problem could only get worse if Donald Trump does not publicly denounce any kind of violence from his supporters.

People that support a particular person will go out of their way to defend that person. The problem with this mindset is when people run for political office. There will always be criticism and we should never take things personal. One must possess tough skin to run for a higher level office.

This is a major moment in the history for the Republican Party because a new comer appears to be taking over the party by speaking his or her mind and not showing any remorse in their inflammatory statements. For example, Donald Trump stated on Twitter that he "will spill the beans on Ted Cruz's wife." The days of political correctness are over.

Donald Trump entered the presidential race at the right time to offer something new to the voters by being different. Candidates that offer hope with the promise of making America Great Again will capture the minds of the people. This can happen without the threat or use of violence. Let's show the world that we can lead by example by promoting peace and goodwill throughout the United States.