11/21/2014 11:13 am ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Peace in Ferguson, MO

The good people of Ferguson, MO deserve peace and respect from the community at large. As we await the decision to either indict Police Officer Darren Wilson or to let him walk away sky free, the people should remain in a peaceful state of mind. Gun sales are up in Ferguson and there appears to be a growing sentiment that potential violence is in the air depending on the outcome of the Michael Brown case. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon activated the National Guard to assist the Ferguson Police Department as a cautionary measure in anticipation of any violence that may occur. With all of the extra police and gun sales soaring high, one would be led to believe that we are bracing for the worst instead of allowing the justice system to make the right decision based on the facts.

Whether Officer Darren Wilson is indicted or not, the protesters should set the example by organizing peaceful demonstrations in the city of Ferguson and across the United States. Some people do not like to talk about the peace process when someone has suffered an injustice by the hands of the law. However, we should always take note that violence only begets more violence. Taking the peaceful approach will assure a victory for Michael Brown's Family in one way or another. There is no sense in tearing up the city and lashing out with threats of violence because nobody wins in the end. Hundreds of people will go to jail and perhaps another innocent person will be shot or killed. This is not the way to challenge the system in the wake of the Michael Brown decision.

The great people of Ferguson have already shown the world how far they will go in regards to making sure that Michael Brown's death was not just another young African American male killed by the police. Residents of Ferguson young, old, African American, Caucasian, celebrities, and everybody interested in justice for Michael Brown, have stepped up to show their support by organizing peaceful protest after protest for over sixty days costing the State of Missouri millions of dollars in police overtime and more. It's also amazing how the entire world is watching the developments in Ferguson, MO. No matter what happens, the world will know that the people are tired of Police Brutality and the use of Excessive Force. Due to the overwhelming demand for justice, the Brown Family now have millions of people praying and speaking up for their son. Hopefully, everything will work out for the better but you cannot bring a person back to life once their life has been taken away due to excessive force or a natural death. With all of the people protesting and rallying around the world, let's not forget that the peace process will always triumph in the end. It's better to work things out with cooler heads than to destroy the very fabric of our society which is the minds of our youth. "There's 'No Excuse' For Police to Use Excessive Force in Ferguson." - President Barack Obama