04/24/2014 09:17 pm ET Updated Jun 24, 2014

Bundy Isn't Evil Because He's an Old Guy

He's evil because he's evil. In the coverage of the Bundy issue, lots of youngish journalists feel free to make fun of him because of his age. That's because everyone under 50 seems to have a license to do so.

Bundy is 67. I am 67. I don't tell people that because they immediately lose a measure of respect for me. I'm an old fart. Can't cut the mustard. Viagra-man. No fool like an old fool.

If I lose my balance because of medication, I know I'm going to get laughed at by someone under 40. They are the same people who have always laughed at "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials. I have never understood that. Would they laugh if it was their mom or grandmother? Probably.

We can't go without a shirt. We can't dance or go the beach. We can't do anything a younger person can do... except we do. We just don't let them see it. There are 246,000 videos on YouTube under "Funny Old People Dancing." There are 109,000 posts on YouTube under "Old Farts." There are 95,200 videos under "Funny Old People Falling."

Falling forchissakes.

There are 326,000 videos on YouTube under "Funny Old People Compilations." The description under one is "Check out the most hilarious grannies recorded on camera for 2013. Some people get really crazy when they grow old!"

Yeah, we get crazy. A great New Orleans pianist once wrote, "I may be sick, and I may seem dumb. That don't mean you know where I'm coming from."

And just walk in and try to get a job for which you are vastly qualified. Not happening.
So I'm lumped into the Bundy generation. Well, I'm not of the Bundy generation. I am of the generation who fought for civil rights and won. Who fought against the Vietnam War. Who invented the kind of journalism that became the site you are looking at right now. Who brought to mass consciousness the music that Indie musicians think they invented. I could go on, but what's the use.

I shake my head when I see the demo for Fox News. Over 65. But it's the same over 65 that has been up my ass my whole life. And now I'm over 65. Fuck me.

I can lick any man in the house. At least I like to think I can. When I stop fighting, the groundhog will be shaking my hand