07/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Congressional Interest in Bugliosi Book on Bush Murder Prosecution

Two interesting items came out of my Blogtalkradio interview with prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi last week on his book The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder.

First, he had to end the interview because he was being called by "a very conservative member of Congress" who had opposed the Iraq War. Bugliosi would not name him but claimed that the member of Congress had heard the audio book version and that the book "had convinced him that Bush misled Congress." The former prosecutor said the member of Congress said he had bought more copies and passed them on to friends. Bugliosi also said that the member of Congress told him that he wanted to "pursue this matter and find out the truth after the election."

Listen to what Bugliosi said in the interview:

Who could it be? Was it Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr (R-NC)? He invented "Freedom Fries" when France refused to support the U.S. going to war in Iraq, and then reversed his position on the war later on. Any speculation is just that, but suppose it was Mitch McConnell? John Boehner? Probably not, but I suppose we'll find out eventually.

Second, I asked Bugliosi who was worse George Bush or Charles Manson, who Bugliosi prosecuted and convicted. He said, "It's a different type of criminality," and then explained. Listen:

Who do you think is worse?