11/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

John McCain Is a Walking Senior Moment

I was on FoxNews Radio today as part of "Battle of the Blogtalkers." Here's what I said that I hope made the right wingers spit-take their coffee:

I was given a topic to talk about but I feel don't have to stick to that topic. I just want to talk to the American people. Wink Wink Wink Wink.

There's nothing John McCain could have done to save his butt last night. America has made up its collective mind and has chosen intelligence over slime, good ideas over sleaze and are voting in their own interest, rather than out of fear.

It's taken a while for this to happen, but Obama believes in the goodness of this country. Democrats believe in the goodness of this country and I would LIKE to believe that too.

It will take decades to pull us out of the desperate place the Republicans have put us in. They've raped America, picked our pockets and lined their own. They've bankrupted us, stolen our jobs and sent them overseas, put the planet at risk. They've lied, cheated and played to the worst in us.

Thankfully, the Republicans' time has passed, as it passed the last time they caused a great depression.

There's really not much to say about last night's debate. McCain continued to prove that he's out of touch, cranky, disrespectful, loose with the facts... to put it succinctly, he looked like a beaten man, flailing away with petty attacks and mean-spirited condescension while Obama, calmly explained his positions fighting back only when McCain made some outrageous charge. Like the charge that Obama was going to raise all our taxes.

Every schoolboy knows that just isn't true. Obama explained his tax plan six or eight months ago...and it's simple. Corporate taxes and taxes on those who make $250,000 will be restored to the same levels we had during the Clinton administration. 95% of us will get a tax BREAK. B-R-E-A-K... BREAK of a thousand dollars.

Yet McCain continues to lie about this.

One thing that stood out in stark contrast was that McCain did not have the courage to confront Obama with the scurrilous, outrageous and just plain untrue charges he and his attack Poodle Sarah Palin have been throwing around this week...because they have nothing to run on.

Senator McCain? Do you believe that Obama pals around with terrorists? If you did you would have had the testicular fortitude to do it to his face. But no, you wait till you're in front of a crowd of racists and haters to level that false charge...and have your attack poodle do it for you.

Where is your bite John McCain? Afraid to look ridiculous in front of millions of people on TV? Americans have had enough of the Rove playbook. Americans are wise to the politics of personal destruction that Lee Atwater started on Michael Dukakis, a fine man and a good governor. And that Karl Rove continued on Al Gore and John Kerry and yes on John McCain himself. No, the Rove playbook is in tatters as is the Republican party.

When all you have is a Sarah Palin to turn to, you know you're toast.

Obama didn't have to change a thing. He is right on the issues, has presidential demeanor, speaks intelligently about the direction this country should be taking in the future, inspires us to fight in the face of the awful damage the Republicans have done to our country.

Obama has decency and behaves with respect, that's more than I can say for John McCain who referred to Obama as "that one" pointing disrespectfully to a United States Senator. Where was the sense of Senatorial respect we expect? None from McCain, that's for sure.

Every day John McCain tarnishes what's left of the reputation he had. Last night's performance was no exception. He stumbled around the stage looking lost. He couldn't remember the questions, he forgot the name of one of the questioners, he looked....well, old.

Now, hold on a second. I hear you saying, "How can he say that? That's ageist...unfair to old people." Well, folks, or "my friends" maybe I should say, I'm 62 years old. I know old and John McCain is a walking senior moment who should not be president.

Who won the debate? I didn't have to wait for the polls. I didn't have to watch the focus group flatline whenever McCain started to drone and lose his way. All you had to do is open your ears...and your eyes...your heart and your mind. It was Obama's night and it's Obama's year.

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