12/21/2006 06:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Throwing Rocks At Repubicans-- Real Rocks

Kenneth Dwayne Thomas is in jail today in Columbus, Ohio for doing what many of us would like to do if we didn't mind sitting in a similar lock-up. Columbus TV station WCMH said he "was caught on camera throwing rocks at the Republican Headquarters building in Columbus. Officials said windows at the headquarters on South 5th Street have been broken nearly a dozen times... They also said staff members have nearly been pelted with thrown objects. Republicans said they thought the vandalism would die down after the recent elections, but that wasn't the case."

Is anybody else laughing besides me?

Kenny reportedly told police that Republicans were a cancer and should be exterminated.

He may have gone a little far there. A hefty dose of chemo, yes, but extermination is probably not a good word to use, Kenny. I understand though. Ohio Republicans stole the 2004 Presidential Election and therefore take on responsibility for the actions of the Bush administration since then.

Hey, sometimes you just wanna throw rocks, you know? A pie is more my speed, if I must throw something, but I'm better at throwing invective.

Although Ken is 58, what can a poor boy do? That sleepy college town is no place for a street-fighting man.

I'm surprised the Republicans haven't called it a terrorist act, YET. Give Fox news time though. But even though I'm not advocating the use of violence (did you read that Alberto?), Jim Webb DID want to punch Bush in the chops the other day. It isn't unreasonable to want to punish the Republicans for the damage they've done to America.

Still, a little "yessssssssssss" was heard all over America when folks like me who would like to form an organization called "People for American Payback" heard about Kenny's activities.