10/29/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2012

Coconut Grove Hosted Art Live Fair

Art Live Fair in Coconut Grove

Art Live Fair filled the north hall of the Coconut Grove Expo Center this past weekend and it was not like most art fairs you may have attended. Almost every booth had an art project going on live, as in performance art. There was something for the whole family.

While there was the traditional, static art, there were many sculptures and a lot of moving, kinetic art. Ultra Violet, one of Andy Warhol's proteges and a Salvatore Dali muse, was there, doing psychic readings. Does Theresa Caputo know about this?

There were many ongoing projects that started and went on throughout the weekend before they were done at the end of the event. There was one artist who was taking office hours. She literally had you sign up on a sheet and then when it was your turn, you had your time with the artist, in a private room, which she built right in the center of the Expo Center.

A lot of music and dance also took over the hall, as students from the county performed various dance styles and was capturing the whole thing live on the air with a direct remote right from the fair.

All proceeds will benefit the Lotus House Women's Shelter, providing sanctuary, shelter and support to homeless women and children. For information on the Lotus House Women's Shelter, see