08/02/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2013

How to Drink (Stoli) Responsibly


Okay, look: Russia doesn't care if LGBT activists are pissed about their hateful anti-gay legislation. And they don't care if a couple of 'brave' (read: simply being who they are) Olympians wear a rainbow pin or maybe (although this is unlikely, given the patriotism/'can't we keep politics out of this?' shield that so often protects their rampant narcissism or ambition) decide to not compete. So let's sidestep the whole 'The Olympics is about the world coming together' fairy-er, I mean, 'magic' dust argument that doesn't really hold water with reality, anyway.

What's left? Boycott Stoli? Not when it's not made in Russia, and is in fact made in Latvia.

What really matters to the Olympics is money. So, if you really wanna punch Russia in the... face, start to organize now to Ignore The Olympics. Start Google groups, Facebook pages, and Instagram campaigns where you and yours commit to not only not watching the Olympics, but boycotting any company that sponsors them or advertises on the broadcast. Instead, plan cocktail parties where you'll commit to watching marathons of your favorite TV shows on DVD, even concert films. Drink Stoli and play Scrabble. Start a 'Blackout The Olympics' handball tournament.

'But I love diving.' - Forget it.

'But my co-workers will all be talking about it.' - Maybe not, especially if they know what you're planning.

'But I look good in Nike. I love my iPod.' - Put up or shut up, Mr. Enlightened.

If massive multi-national corporations -- yes, even ones we like -- and networks, cable channels and websites -- yes, even ones that may otherwise show Glee -- realize they are going to take a massive hit in the profit margin from millions of people, you can bet they're gonna start complaining to The Olympic Commission, who in turn will have a little chat with Vladimir Putin.

So why wait on the 'difficult' (really?) decisions being weighed by a handful of athletes of conscience? Up the ante into millions of people and see what happens.