06/27/2014 02:41 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

Be Yourself

Sam Edwards via Getty Images

We take for granted the power of self. We don't realize the perfection of individuality. God didn't make any mistakes. We derail the plan He had for our lives when we step in the way and try to become something we're not.

I've realized recently -- that when I'm 100 percent authentic and true to myself, there is no competition. No one can beat me at being me. No one can "do me" better than me. It's when I try to be like someone else that I find competition. I've learned to embrace myself for everything that I am and everything that I'm not.

I'm black. I'm country. I didn't finish my college degree. I'm not from a rich family. I don't have a mentor in the field I'm in. I've made more mistakes than some people twice my age. I'm me, and that is what makes me unique. My choices shaped my life. My choices brought me to a place where only certain people can relate to me. I'm all right with that. It's not my place to reach everyone. For those who I can't reach, someone else can. If we all focus on being ourselves then we can help one another.

I'd like to challenge you to look into your life. Are you doing what you really want to do? Are you dressing the way you'd like? Are you talking the way you'd like? Are you working the job you'd like? Are you pursuing the passion you'd like? Are you surrounding yourself with people you like? Are you living the life you'd like? Are you trying to fit in?

It's all up to you. You can be an original or you can be a copy. An original portrait with honest mistakes is worth more than a perfect replica. I urge you to be yourself. I urge you to accept your mistakes and shortcomings and live the life you were destined to.

Stop watching others and start working more on yourself. Develop yourself. Discover your voice. Build your self-esteem. Establish your confidence. Walk in your purpose. Hold onto your calling. You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. Make sure you're living an authentic life; otherwise it's all a waste of time.