12/06/2013 03:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Get Instant Six-Pack Abs MINUTES After Having a Baby

Caroline Berg Eriksen has caused a stir on the Internet. She took a picture of herself four days after having a baby showing off her six-pack abs and put it on Instagram.

I think that four days is way too long for any mother to wait for six-pack abs. As a weight loss inspiration and motivator, I would like to share with everyone a very easy way to have six-pack abs right after having a baby. It is very easy to obtain, but might be hard to maintain.

Here it goes...

1. Have a baby
2. Name your baby "Six-Pack Abs"

It might sound crazy, but it is not. First off, "Six-Pack Abs" might be the coolest name of all time. Your baby will grow up being the hit of all parties. Every sporting event people will love "Six-Pack." Your child will be destined to be a success at the gym as well. There is very little downside to naming your baby "Six-Pack Abs."

Now, once you have "Six-Pack Abs," you will see a huge difference in your life. You will find that people will want to hold and touch your "Six-Pack Abs." Only let people you trust do this. You will find that grandparents will want to pinch your "Six-Pack Abs." Everyone will like pictures of your "Six-Pack Abs" on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep in mind that "Six-Pack Abs" will not be very easy at times. You have to feed "Six-Pack Abs" every two to three hours. Yes, you will lose sleep because of your "Six-Pack Abs." You will need to watch how much you feed your "Six-Pack Abs," as well. Never be ashamed to breastfeed your "Six-Pack Abs" in public. You will also need to make sure your "Six-Pack Abs" gets plenty of rest. You might even need to swaddle your "Six-Pack Abs" so he/she gets a good night sleep.

You will feel good about your "Six-Pack Abs" as well. You worked hard for it. Every time you look at your "Six-Pack Abs" in the mirror, you will be amazed at how beautiful he/she is. Everyone will compliment your "Six-Pack Abs." In fact, you can dress up your "Six-Pack Abs" for even more attention.


My wife gave birth to our daughter in August of this year. During her pregnancy she went to the doctor to make sure she was gaining the right amount of weight. She watched everything that went in her body. She did some light workouts as well. Her concern was not to have a perfect body. Her concern was to have a healthy baby.

She had a C-Section. I was there the whole time. She was brave through the surgery. And then we heard a beautiful cry; we had a healthy baby.

My wife did not have any strength in her abdominal muscles after the surgery. She spoke to the doctors about the right foods to eat for her health and for the baby. She followed doctor's orders and made good choices for her health and for our baby's health. She started working out after six weeks. She works out today. She eats healthy. She does not have six-pack abs. And guess what? She will tell you she is proud of the non-six-pack ab body she has. She's had babies and has earned the "c-section pooch" and stretch marks. And we have two amazing children.

This is not a knock on Caroline. I think that it is pretty amazing that a woman can have a dream body four days after having a baby. In fact, I think it is amazing that anyone can have that body if they work for it.

But when I was over 400 pounds I never wanted to have a perfect body. I wanted to lose enough weight to be a father. I wanted to get healthy. My wife would tell me that she did not care how much I weighed; she just wanted a healthy husband. She wanted a husband she did not have to worry about.

We live in a world now where health is a picture. It is muscles and abs and striving to be someone better than we "think" is better than we are today.

Health is being happy and proud; it is knowing that tomorrow will actually be there for us...

And my beautiful, healthy wife is a proud mom. All moms who go through nine months of carrying a life should be proud. They should be proud after having a baby as well.

And health is not six-pack abs.

Healthy is proudly giving birth to a healthy "Six-Pack Abs."