02/14/2014 03:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

I Almost Sued My Wedding Photographer For Making Me Look Fat In My Pictures

I saw a New York Post article about a Brooklyn couple who were "completely screwed over" by a company making a video of their wedding. They missed big parts of the wedding, they used laugh tracks throughout the video and even wanted the groom to dress like a transvestite.

I wanted to read more. So I saw that The New York Daily News reported that Monica Nikchemny is suing Visualaz, the videographer for her wedding, for $122,000 for the video they produced. Although Monica and her family only paid $13,000 for the video, the mental anguish of the "ridiculous" video made has caused distress ruining what was supposed to be the happiest day of Monica's life. She knows about weddings since she works in the industry.

Of course there is more to this story. There always is. One thing was missing in both articles.

Both articles did forget to include the video. I love a great "messed up" wedding video!

I got married in 2004. We did not have a lot of money but we definitely made the most of what we had. We had a really nice cake and beautiful flowers. We had nice tablecloths and I had a spiffy tuxedo.

My wife looked for a great photographer. She found one. She looked through all of her past weddings and loved her style. She wanted something more classic and that is what the photographer wanted to deliver.

We got married and I remember a woman taking plenty of pictures. I was excited to see the results.

A couple of months later we got our photographs. I started to look though them and they looked great, except for one gigantic problem...

They made me look fat in every picture.

Every single one! In every picture I looked like a 400-pound man who had a hard time finding a tuxedo and sweat all the time. They made me look fat in all the pictures. I could not believe they did not take pictures at different angles or change the lighting. No, they just took the pictures and made me look fat.

It was not the photographer. I was a 400 pound man.

My wife loved the pictures but not me. I was disappointed. I hated taking pictures as it is. Now, I have to live with these wedding photographs for the rest of my life.

The funny thing about weddings is that brides, grooms and families want them to be "perfect." They tell DJ's not to play certain songs and they also beg family members not to embarrass themselves. They want the food to come out perfectly and everything to go as planned. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is the moment most people dream about.

What is perfect to some might not be perfect for others. Monica and her family were not happy with the product. Why make this into a story for the media? What great light will she be shined on the situation when this is over?

I do not see why this warrants a six-figure lawsuit but I also do not have all the facts in front of me. I do not need to. The story was put for me to make a decision.

All I have is one woman's side of the story and a beautifully crafted video. Done.

I do not see why this is in the news. I cannot see how someone who is in the wedding industry could be disappointed with a video that looks very well produced. Yet, I also did not deal with the videographer. I do not know if they were nasty people. All I see is that they speak kindly of Monica on their Facebook page.

I do not think this is about money. That wedding was far more than $122,000. I think this is more about people looking for attention and perfection. It is people knowing they can fight and sue when they do not get what they want. The thing is, no one truly knows what they want!

I will say one thing. If I had $13,000 and that videographer was available...

I would just have three more weddings.