03/18/2014 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Lady Gaga Should Respect Demi Lovato

I was crabby on Sunday. Work has been crazy lately and having two little kids does not help the sleep cause.

My wife realized this so she told me to go to the gym before work. That usually takes the crab out of me. I really wanted to take a nap instead. I knew there was no way I would be able to nap so I did go to the gym. I went on the elliptical machine and started to workout.

While I was on I started to scroll through Facebook on my phone to look for some interesting things to read. Every story seemed to be "8 things blah blah blah" or "I am this state, what state are you?" or some Buzzfeed "I just took this quiz and I am Webster from Webster" poll.

Then one post popped out. It was not like the others to me at that moment. Here was the headline:

"Demi Lovato Rails Against Lady Gaga For Glamorizing Eating Disorders"

I am going to be honest. It was not the headline I was expecting to see. I do not know much about Demi Lovato except that she is a pop star, she has battled eating disorders and she punched someone one time. I do not know much about Lady Gaga except she wore a meat dress, she has a billion fans called "Little Monsters" and she is an artist...not a pop singer.

So I was expecting Demi Lovato to be all "cray cray" against Lady Gaga.

I read the story. Then I Googled Demi Lovato. Every title had it where she blasted, slammed or yelled at Lady Gaga.

That is not what I got out of the story at all.

What I did not expect is to see a pretty courageous story. And that Demi Lovato is a role model.

Last week Lady Gaga performed at the SWSX convention. During the performance she was strapped to a barbeque spit and rotated over a simulated flame. Stubb's Barbeque was a sponsor. Then towards the end during a song called "Swine," artist Millie Brown, known to drink colorful liquid and then vomit on canvas, drank green and black fluid and vomited on Lady Gaga.

The performance was sponsored by Doritos. Doritos, the powerful tortilla chips that unlocks bold and unique flavors. Whether it is "Cool Ranch" or "Zesty Nacho," go get you a bag!

When I saw it I thought it was gross. I am just being honest; I thought that I would not want to be vomited on in the name of art. But art is different for everyone. What is beautiful for one might not be for another. You do not have to love art but I do appreciate it all.

I also felt that it was "Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga" and she does this stuff all the time. She is outrageous. That is why she is as popular as she is. She had a meat dress and she performed with R. Kelly.

There are many people who are talented that do not have 40 million Twitter followers. She has that "it" factor. She is an icon for doing what she does on stage.

Demi Lovato did not see it like that.

She saw it as something she used to do. It brought back memories. She has publicly admitted that she has and been treated for eating disorders. She is very vocal about how serious eating disorders are and rightfully so. She saw Lady Gaga's performance as glamorizing eating disorders. That a young girl who is throwing up in the bathroom because she is "fat" will think that it is okay because a popular icon has someone throwing up on stage. It is a passionate topic for Demi, so she made a passionate response.

She went on Twitter, where she basically promotes her performances and VEVO videos and spoke her mind.

Her view is not the majority. While most people would find vomiting gross and disgusting, very few would see it as glamorizing an eating disorder. Very few even commented about it except that it was gross.

It sparked something in her. She knew that if she went up against an icon, people would talk about her past. Talk about her and how she has "no talent" and all of those "Little Monsters" would defend their idol.

I know. I wrote about Justin Bieber once and a lot of preteens called me a "Swollen Vagina" on social media.

She knew people would tell her to "Chill out, this is not about you." They would tell her that this is the problem with America, we always complain about everything and this is why our kids will grow up to be "wusses." She knew that people would call her a bully because people feel that when you disagree with something it is bullying. It is not. She knew that people with made up names and avatars would do what they could to make her feel like crap.

She said what I am sure others wanted to say. Yet, very few did. She did not "slam" Lady Gaga like the media portrayed it. She did not "blast" her either. She did not really say anything negative about her and at the end even told her she was a fan. She basically spoke her mind and said that what she did on stage was not cool. She basically said that from her viewpoint, that was not cool.

And after that moment, in my eyes, she was a great role model. Not because I or others really agree with her, but she stood up for something that others might not see. She did not care if the majority agreed with her. She did it in a respectful way, and she brought more awareness to the cause she was fighting. That is why some are talking about it today.

The artist has responded and told Demi to "chill out." Lady Gaga has not responded.

Honestly, I hope that Lady Gaga does respond in a respectful way as well.

Because that is what made her a role model today. Courage.