04/17/2014 03:29 pm ET Updated Jun 17, 2014

Awaken to Your True Purpose: Your Weekly Wake-Up Call to Make a Difference in the World

The least of things with a meaning
is worth more in life
than the greatest of things without it.
-- Carl Jung

All the possessions in the world won't give you as much to live for as one ounce of purpose. This is why connecting with your inner motivations and greater life purpose is the greatest promotion you will ever obtain.

When we do not make this connection, it is easy to become obsessed with drugs, alcohol, sex, money, food, or vain arguments that squeeze out any time to truly relate to others. We unwittingly transform our lives every day into a quest to experience short-term pleasure and avoid pain without assessing that pleasure or pain with respect to anything.

If you are unwilling to put your short-term needs for intimacy, sexual pleasure, an assuring nod from your parents, or bringing in those dollars on the back burner, then don't expect to move toward your long-term goals. How can you reach your destination if you're heading in another direction, or in no direction at all?

I know it's not easy to shelve what feels in the moment like a burning desire. Yet it's even more difficult to live with the consequences of decisions that transform you into someone you don't want to become.

This week, ask yourself why you are here on this planet and what you, uniquely, are here to contribute to the rest of us. The universe awaits your response.