05/12/2015 02:05 pm ET Updated May 12, 2016

How to Dress Your Sexiest

We women struggle with it all the time: finding clothes that make us feel sexy in our own skin. And it can honestly be pretty hard to figure out what makes you feel the best and most attractive in the first place, especially with so many contradictory ads, articles, and opinions as to what exactly "sexy" even is.

But that being said, given all the many voices from the peanut gallery of magazines, TV shows, movies, and the media in general, I think I've boiled it down to one, simple rule that we can all abide by: if it's uncomfortable, it's probably sexy.

I'm talking dresses, shoes, bras, stockings--really anything meant to be worn on your body. In fact, how sexy something looks is usually in direct relation to how heinously awful it feels to wear. If it feels terrible, you probably look fantastic! If the next day you have bruises on wherever an item of clothing touched your skin, you surely were oozing sex appeal the night before. And if you just generally feel a little too exposed or emotionally uncomfortable (e.g. a halter top or something that just clings too close for your sense of personal decency) then you can be confident you scored a sexiness home run.

So that being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind for the next time you go shopping for that va-va-voom ensemble.

  1. When you try on heels, do they make your knees hurt? If the answer is no, then you probably want to look for a higher pair that will really elongate your legs and do some serious, long-term damage to your joints.
  2. When you try on a new bra, how severely does the underwire dig into your flesh? Is the bra already leaving deep, uncomfortable indentations in the shoulder-strap area of your torso? Again, if the answer is no you're definitely going to want to shop around for a tighter model that lifts your breasts to the more natural position of right under your chin. Otherwise, what's the point?
  3. Can you comfortably sit down in your pants? If the answer is yes, consider going down a size.
  4. Rule #3 also applies for dresses.
  5. In general, be conscious of how much you're sucking in your stomach in any item of clothing. You want to be sure the outfit doesn't quite look right unless you're keeping your stomach muscles clenched and constricted. If you start to feel slightly lightheaded from the small, shallow breaths this invariably forces you to take, it means you're doing it right.

So there you have it ladies! Some quick, full proof ways to look and feel totally sexy, no matter what the occasion. And for you fellas out there, don't you worry--you'll look great in shorts and a t-shirt.