11/18/2014 06:04 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2015

Globally Focused Higher Education Programs Enhance the Learning Experience

Thanks to technological advancements, changing demographics and the globalization of brands large and small, our exposure to the world's different cultures and economies has expanded greatly.

Given this international exposure has impacted all levels of society, including professional opportunities and responsibilities, it is critical for colleges and universities to integrate a global perspective into their curriculum. When we think beyond our borders, we expand our outlook and enhance our perceptions of people, cultures and the world as a whole. Moreover, a global focus opens new vistas for individuals and businesses to experience success.

Western International University (West) believes in the importance of providing a global perspective and has integrated elements into each and every one of its degree programs.

From accounting courses that teach and contrast international financial reporting standards with U.S. accounting principles, to marketing courses that provide cultural perspectives from a variety of countries, our students are exposed to an internationally conscious curriculum.

By providing a globally focused education, students, faculty and staff:

  • Acknowledge that almost every type of business has a cultural connection that needs to be considered, whether or not that organization is currently doing business on an international scale.
  • Gain an understanding of different cultures and global trends so that they are able to build bridges with individuals around the world.
  • Adapt to ever-changing environments as the international business sector continues to grow.
  • Acknowledge that we are a vast conglomeration of people and cultures, and must be equipped to consider diverse perspectives.

Not only has our commitment to a global curriculum helped make our students more relevant in the current workplace, but we believe it will also give them a leg up for the future.

While some students may not initially understand the need for a global focus, many come to greatly value that perspective. Time and again at West's graduation ceremonies we hear from students that they found this aspect of the curriculum one of the most impactful and relevant to their career success.

Providing a global perspective in higher education is imperative for students to succeed in the modern marketplace. By making this commitment, we are enhancing our students' educational journey as well as advancing their professional goals.