01/22/2016 11:47 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2017

17 Stunning Temples in Japan That Will Have You Buying a Plane Ticket, Stat

When visiting Japan, there are a few things that absolutely need to be on your list: enjoying some (or a lot) of sake with the locals, ample time to explore all of Tokyo's nooks and crannies, and--if you're a lady who's into anime or manga--a quick visit to the girls-only otaku cafe in Osaka. Oh, and then there are the breathtaking temples and shrines you'll find around every corner in Kyoto. 

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Each and every temple is special in its own rite--a space for housing sacred objects and worshipping. It's the places like this where locals and tourists alike gather to partake in a peaceful moment that really catch our eye. In fact, you don't even need to be in the presence of these stunning pieces of architecture to feel the effects--take a few moments to rest your eyes from the daily grind to take in some of Japan's wondrous (and most cherished) sites. Disclaimer: We're not responsible for any impulse airfare purchases as a result of this slideshow.

17 Stunning Temples in Japan

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