06/14/2013 04:46 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2013

T+L Editors' Favorite Road Trips (PHOTOS)

It's an annual summer ritual: piling three kids and one giant golden doodle into the car for the drive to Maine, stopping for lobster rolls and boxes of blueberries. See the lighthouse at Dyce Head? Almost there.

For one Travel + Leisure editor, that's the power of a road trip, with its traditions, thrill of anticipation, and comforting sense of the familiar. The appeal for others lies in setting out for the unknown, with the possibility of discovery and (mis)adventure around the next bend. After all, when the urge to travel strikes, hitting the road is the most spontaneous way to get your fix. Even a day trip can refresh your perspective.

While routes through North Carolina and Hawaii left a big impression on T+L staff, so did the chance to get behind the wheel while abroad. It was a road trip from Cairo through the desert--past wild camels--that led another T+L editor to the most incredible place she's stayed yet, a Berber-style eco-lodge by the Great Sand Sea.

Read on for more memorable road trip stories.

--Kate Appleton

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T L Editors' Favorite Road Trips (PHOTOS)