06/22/2011 01:51 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2011

Introducing 'All Terrain': A New Column Charting Unexplored Territory In The Energy And Environment Debate

Debate over climate change and energy policy, fueled on one side by groups demanding change, and on the other by businesses deeply invested in the status quo, have all but paralyzed Capitol Hill. And yet all clear signs point to the fact that the need to find newer, cleaner, diversified sources of energy are already upon us.

There will be no easy answers. Whether it's grand shifts in resources and arable land, brought on by shifting temperatures, or bitter policy disputes over where subsidies ought to accrue in an attempt to balance the dual need for change and economic vitality, some will inevitably win, and others will surely lose.

As the world moves forward on a path of uncertainty, faced with daunting new decisions, HuffPost Green has always strived to bring clarity and insight to the important issues of our time surrounding energy and the environment. This mission has only accelerated at lightning speed with the growth of our team, including the recent addition of Tom Zeller Jr., whose expertise and experience brings HuffPost Green's coverage to exciting new heights.

Whether separating fact from fiction in the ongoing energy debate, scrutinizing the political push for controversial alternative fuels, keeping an eye on those who watch over the nuclear industry, or even asking the questions no one else dares to about topics that aren't always as simple as they appear, Tom is breaking open the issues that matter most and unravelling their deep complexities.

That's why I am thrilled to announce the launch of Tom's new weekly column, All Terrain, which will navigate not only the uncharted waters of a new generation of environmental threats, but explore the hidden details that have slipped through the cracks of problems long before our eyes.

As communities, policymakers, and interest groups grapple with what is one of the most daunting challenges now facing the planet, All Terrain will aim to examine the issues from a variety of angles. Is natural gas the answer? What local efforts are communities taking to curb pollution and toxic waste? Can solar and wind power realistically meet the nation's electricity needs? As human expansion continues, what solutions exist to reverse the fate of increasingly endangered species and their shrinking habitats? And of course, All Terrain will seek to root out who's invested in what outcome -- and why.

So join us every Wednesday to confront the toughest energy and environment challenges facing humanity, and together we can discover the solutions.

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