11/08/2011 03:59 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Election 2012: eBay and the President

Back in August 2008, I (correctly, she says smugly) predicted a win for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, based on the spectacular popularity of his memorabilia on eBay.

You can check out the blog here.

At that time, John McCain was his opponent, and he was fairly unspectacularly popular on eBay.
Well, how's it looking for the prez on eBay now? Three years to the day since he was elected; the underdog who stole the presidency from under the aristo-nose of Hillary Rodham Clinton:
I have it say, it's not good.

In mid-2008, Obama memorabilia was selling in the 10s of thousands of U.S. dollars and there were hundreds of items selling at ridiculously high prices.

Today? The highest selling item is a pop art poster by Ron English, called Abraham Obama.

It sold recently at a measly $500 -- it and many others would have gone for probably $3-4000 back in '07, if not more.

Most Obama stuff is not selling at all, endless lists of things from $1.90 bumper stickers to a first edition signed book, which has been sitting on eBay for months and months, doing nothing.

Be interesting to see what happens in August 2012.

But right now, it's looking pretty bleak for the first black POTUS -- at least on eBay.