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Artfully Gifts & Chocolate: Bringing Out Chocolate's Inner Diva

Chocolate: whether you're feeling down, celebrating something special or just want to indulge a little, it's always there for us. And at Artfully Gifts & Chocolate in Old Town Alexandria, Va., you can find it in all shapes, sizes and attitudes.

The first Artfully Chocolate shop was established in 2007 by combining the talents of executive-turned-artist Eric Nelson and chocolatier Rob Kingsbury. As their website says, the combination produced something that was "Part art gallery, part chocolatier, part cocoa bar and completely fabulous!"

The theme behind Artfully Gifts & Chocolate is the diva, which inspires many of its sweet creations. The menu features treats based on everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Charo, taking into consideration their personalities and physical attributes. For example, the Charo contains "Semi-sweet chocolate swirled with caramel and topped with whipped cream & Ghiradelli Caramel Sauce," while the Liz Taylor includes "semi-sweet chocolate infused with lavender." Each diva is available in milkshake or hot chocolate form. Looking for a recommendation? The Lana Turner milkshake is a great choice. As somebody who normally shies away from white chocolate, I had to give in to its white chocolate and blueberry goodness.

The diva attitude can be found throughout the rest of the store as well. Photos of select divas line the walls and tables, and even the other miscellaneous treats and trinkets available for purchase show off their sassy sides, such as one chocolate bar that tells everyone: "My Thoughts on Cooking: Get Rich and hire Someone." Words to live by.

Once you've grabbed your dessert of choice, you can either enjoy it outside or at the hand-painted tables inside the shop. If you fall in love with the table you choose, you can even arrange to purchase it from the store.

And if chocolate isn't your main squeeze or you're just in the mood for something else, Artfully Gifts & Chocolate provides something for everybody. There's jewelry, cards, food, drink mixers and plenty of items if you're looking to pick up a small gift for somebody.

But Artfully Gifts & Chocolate isn't just about selling; they're here to teach, too. The shop hosts a chocolate and wine pairing class twice a month, as well as a chocolate tasting class from time to time. You can also schedule a private class if that's more your style, or if you're looking for the perfect gift, you can buy a coupon code that can then be used to purchase a class online.

And if you somehow haven't found an option that works to satisfy your cravings yet, there's always the chocolate and wine club. Subscribers receive a bottle of seasonal wine plus two chocolate bars each month, which you pick up at the store.

And one final thing to keep in mind: for all those who have a "Belly" rewards card, you can check in and earn some points here. All in all what I mean to say is: if you have any fond feelings about chocolate at all, Artfully Gifts & Chocolate is the place for you.

Artfully Gifts & Chocolate

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